Up & Down

Co-Op 2D Puzzle Platformer

Solo Game Designer


Up & Down is a co-op puzzle platformer that has you solving increasingly difficult challenges both right side up and upside down. Challenge yourself to coordinate each character navigate gates, bridges, bounce pads, and gravity wells in order to finish each level.


Up & Down is a game project that I made to test my ability to rapidly prototype a puzzle platformer from start to finish within a month. I developed the game using the Zero Engine, a custom engine that uses the C#-like language, Zilch, and made all graphics in Adobe Illustrator.

I had several personal goals while developing Up & Down:

  • Create all 2D assets/artwork for the game
  • Create a puzzle platformer that teaches the player how to play with increasingly difficult puzzles
  • Create a game that works both as a single-player and multiplayer game
  • Challenge myself to create interesting level designs from a limited set of gameplay mechanics.


This was the second game that I've made as a solo game designer while at DigiPen Institute of Technology, and definitely one that I'm most proud of. Right from the start this game taught me the value of having a solid written plan of what I wanted to achieve before jumping into script out game mechanics. As the first multiplayer game I have ever made, this game tested well, despite the inherent difficulty of having one player play the game upside-down.

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