Super Space Race

Unity 3D Space Flight Sim Prototype

Solo Game Designer


Super Space Race is a time-trial based space flight sim that has you flying through an asteroid filled race course in a high-tech space ship.



Super Space Race is a UX/UI prototype project for me to test my skills at building and designing menus, user interfaces, and create an experience that feels like a space flight simulator. The goal of the project is to nail the sensation of feeling like you're flying through space quickly in a hi-tech space ship. The project is made in Unity 3D, scripted in C#, and I met several specific goals:

— Create a multi-input (keyboard, mouse, XBox controller) capable world-space menu system that feels like you're flying through each menu
— Design, script, and animate a theme-appropriate space ship HUD
— Script a player controller that gives the sensation of flying a ship fast through space that works for both XBox gamepad (w/ rumble>, mouse, and keyboard


I'm proud of everything that I was able to accomplish in such a short time span with Super Space Race. I got to play around with a lot of interesting shaders, visual effects, particle systems, and script everything from scratch. I especially enjoyed scripting out and tweaking the details of the boost effect while flying. The boost effect thrusts the player's ship forward, increases the intensity of the gamepad's rumble, and starts to really play with the visual effects of color aberration. While the goal of the project was to make something that feels and looks good, I wish I had more time to actually flesh the game out fully.