Planetary Pest Squad

Co-op 3D Action Shooter

UX/UI Designer & Unity 3D Developer


Planetary Pest Squad is a 3D multiplayer shooter in which players assume the role of Interplanetary Exterminators, eradicating pests from planets across the galaxy. Players compete to eliminate the most pests, save the friendly Greebles, and claim the coveted title of Employee of the Month.


Planetary Pest Squad is a team game project that started during my Junior year at DigiPen. Our team's goal was to make an easy to pick up and play multiplayer action shooter that is fast, fun, and frantic. In addition to contributing building/scripting the game in Unity 3D, my role as the UX/UI designer was to:

  • Work as a team in an agile environment to create a game from start to finish
  • Collaborate with the lead artist to concept & create the visual aesthetics of the game
  • Collaborate with the team on all aspects of creating and iterating upon a fun multiplayer experience
  • Create, script, and animate the UI, HUD, and menus
  • Teach, maintain, and troubleshoot the team's Git repository


While at DigiPen I got to work on many teams, but none as talented as this group. Working on this project taught me how to put together a great team of people who are not just high-performers, but also able to communicate with each other and respect each other's roles. This was the first game I ever made with the Unity 3D engine and I definitely learned a lot about working with the GUI system in this engine. In the end, we made a game that I feel everyone on the team could be proud of, especially considering that the game was chosen to represent the school at both the 2016 Power of Play and PAX West 2016 events.

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